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at number 22 of the closing chapters its the up and coming meeting with the gentall author dynnargh welclome falite croeso

May 25, 2014


i had an email the other day from my friend the gentall author asking one if I would like to donate the drawings I did over the years to the bishops gate institute as he felt that futer generations would like to see and read about my work on my time on earth as I gave it a lot of thought and decided to give them to the gentall author as I was only going to burn them or put them out for recycleing as I felt at the time that no body would want a record of my time here over the time ive done thousands of pics some hold lots of unhappy memerys of people and another time as well as the places I once knew and indeed visited as well as the annimals and of course paul and keith that two some that allways gave me the runn around little did I know that the names keith and especially paul would set a preasadent of futer events when I delt with the two legged variorty which would couse nothing but pain and extreme heart ake also he will see the decorations of mysterys from 1986 as thay make there return once again but will thay bring that sence of wonder to the men and the magic once again ill let you know theres 5 men that will see them before the blog comes to ann end on june the 13th Friday next time its time for the Cornish decorations from 1986 so until then when it will be story 21 of the closing chapters

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