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the closing chapters number 23 its witsan bank holiday a time of may pole danceing ?falite croeso welclome dynnargh,

May 25, 2014

its known as the witsan bank holiday apparently years gone by it was once known as the witsan fornight when the factorys used to close for the holiday in England ,also thay used to have a thing called works outings where thay used to all go to a place like the sea side and enjoy them selfs the workers for the day ,but its supposed to be a time of them morriss men can you ammagine that happening here in our little village of bangla green ? where attacts on the whites are increasing here as I just walked in on the tail end of an altercation with the half breeds and this white bloke out side tescos in the high street when thay called this bloke white trash .as he gave back as good as he got .it makes a change from me getting it .any way I just walked through them and thought to me self say any thing and you get a good telling off it seems strange that in muilty rase Britain that even thou here that these white blokes go with the black pussy as thay say yet there off spring are the most raceist of them all against the whites here .as he carried on in his jouney this white and black couple was walking on by when the woman said well its the white blokes fault you whites are a race of reatards aren’t you ?and a bit simple as I tried to get in frount of them thay went into the local pub .the bloke never said anythink when he should of said then eff off then you old  bitch to her I just cannot understand these white blokes I really cant and I cant wait to leave

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