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the closing storys its number 21 and the cornish pics dynnargh welclome falite croeso

May 26, 2014


last week the gentall author came and did some pics for sppitle field life as I thought after all these years it was time over due from 1986 to once again see them up as you know cornwall has reasontly been recornised its well over due status and rightly so cornwall has allways been a country with in a country with its own laungwich and being the magicall place that it is with its alfa dominate males and druids and cornwall with its tin mines even them romans used to excurvate the tin from them and not for getting the cider scumpy and the cornish wear of blue and whit and theres even some yellow and white as well and t g greens who makes the big beige mixing bowls in all sizes and not forgetting the Cornish pastys but why not go there and see for your self with its towns like redrooth the tamar and the bridge there lands end cornwall has all ways been a sea faring nation with its own black and white cross flag pennants looe the town with the harbor you can look down from the hill side into the preaty place that it is .

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