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and now its time for the number 20 of the closing storys and its the return to wood green n22 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

May 27, 2014


on a wet thundery day with lightening I braved the train ride as the lightening trys to catch the over head wire with white flashes as the little train chugged its way out through Cambridge heath station as I had to return on a one woman mission to get the supprise for the boys as today it was time to reaveil to them the party and decorations of mysterys .as I got off the station at bruce grove I reamemberd that day all that time ago when the ghost of ted was first got on the train at 7 sisters rail station .and then at the bottom of the outside stair case at bruce grove as I walked quickly for the bus stop as the locals sang the adams family theme tune sarky gits mortisser in deed as the word was said I often wonderd if I called them a few names how would thay like it ? or id rather give them a firm kick in the balls I tell you this turning the other cheek is so hard but any way it had to be done the buying of the football cake as in our little village of bangla green they don’t no longer sell any think like that here no more as it peed with a rain any way the mission was success full as I got back on the 23 bus the ill ford one and themn the long wait at the station as the thunder rumbled as then the little train came in as then as I got on it chugged down the little branch line back to the village , of bangla green once again and today the boys came around and filmed the decorations and I wished dan happy birth day and that’s what the decorations of mysterys was all about to bring happiness to some one one on there birthday supprise supprise it seemed strange briging them back since 1986 mind you some of the balls had shriveled in the box and we cant have shiveld balls even thou from 1986 now can we ?

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