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well its time for number 19 of the closing chapters and the filming of the decorations of mysterys and my finall pics for spittle fields life

May 28, 2014


well this morning the gentall athor came and did the last filing of the seris of the last of the decorations from 1986 and I donated him the drawing I did over my time doing the blog 2 years now it seems a long time ago when I first went to the bishops gate insturtute to bring once again the happenings and the people I once knew that would be a part of my life and have all sadly gone either dead or just gone .the decorations of mysterys were brought about to bring supprise to some one whos life on there birthday and to let them know that I hadn’t forgotton there speacail day nothings worse is as one sits there and stares at the mantall piece and find no body reamemberd to send a card so the gentall author will be putting the pics on his site so if your alone and feel unloved look at the pics of the white and blue decorations of mysterys and hopefully it just might brighten your day ita a shame that it hasn’t worked out on here but everythink has it s time .at first some of the strorys were too upsetting to put on the site and it took a lot of soal searching to relive thous black times in my life like the Braintree years and the haunting ones like the headless horse man who on aprill the 20th back in the 1980s scare the life out of me and then to go back 5 years later to go through that experance again talk about a glutton for punishment or the time I met p/t/o/r/ such love I had for him that little did I realize that it would change my life for the worse forever that say times a great heeler but the truth is you just learn to life with it and go through life the best way you can but the pain never goesyou just hope that the next one will be mr right but paul of the white chair shop whom mixes with that half breed really was a callas pig but at the time id putt him on such a high peddistall I was too daft to see what he was hind sights a strange thing isn’t it ?then of course there was the visitation from ted at bruse grove station as I reamember him saying from the other side theres more to life than heaven than earth my dear and that’s why the blog was called that then there was the Braintree ghosts from 1978 they still walk the streets in bank street now and the Braintree and witham times offices are still houanted even to day and fially the old scrap deeler whom would only vist once a year with the horse but the strage thing like them all they never age may be perhaps its when thay met there demise at that point in time who knows?

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