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and nows its time for number 17 of the closing chapters as i look back and wonder what ever happend to the rat men of the past falite croeso

May 30, 2014

well lets start with the first one in the long distance past for this one I have to go bak to the Braintree years to 1974 and even thou it was doomed to not last with mark goodman even thou at the time he said would I scratch his oh wat he did he call them NUTS I shall never forget that day its seems like yesterday its a shame he moved away to lowerstoft in Suffolk and was never heard of seen again for the next one its my short time at the Braintree collage of further education to 1979 and Edward the skinhead like with mark 4 years before even thou nothing happened there was some sort of spark there ,for the next oneand in 1984 peter from wat ford and mark who was rotten to the core and kevin d who was a big known crook who in the end the judge in Braintree banned him, from entering the town  it two years and bass the second skinhead I came into contact with from time to time and like the others dissapeard after quite some time then in 1986 john came into my life but was gone by late 1986 October and then it wasn’t until 1994 in the December when I moved to London when carl came and it wasn’t going to go anywhere with his contatant holing his hand out demanding money and in the march of 1995 he was gone last siughting in bethnall green a year ago the trouble wiuth him is like with the ones that came afterwards keith mark and p/t/o/r they never said they had black girlfriends and just took what thay could get financhally and then threatened me when and lastly there was Jamie the skin and sean and geff thay got it and the indelinall of feelings and that the story about them that appears is p.t.o.r. you either see him or smell him with his sent of cream cakes or hes out side grunting noise as he paces up and down out side the door,and even thou 4 others have come the same old story but for now theres no one just a lot of disappointing memerys of some think that should of been unfrequented love as thay say

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