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and nows its time for number 13 of the finall closing chapters and firtley for the very last time happy bank holiday to every one in ireland i hope that you have a great day falite

June 2, 2014

well I tell you lets take a final curtcey to all them men I knew over the years starting from 1974 I tell you the sort of guys I knew you wount want to meet and as I look back staring with the okay ones I never had the choice thay seemed to choose me and in the past there have been many guys ive really liked but sadly they didn’t want to know .so for me it was wait and see so lets start with the only nice one was mark good man I tell you he was a year older than me and we got on great he was big and mussley it seems strange after all thses years that I never forget him and often wonder how my life would be if hed of not moved away ?hindsights a funny thing  isn’t it ?do you not think ?then in 1979 was Edward the first skin head I came into contact with as I say good bye to them both sadly they was okay good looking and fair but life was to take a change for the worst .like with the gay guys boy it was instant hate and then there was sexy skin boy bazz with his lace up boots and braces but then came the worst ones in 1984 it was allun but I must admit he didn’t steel anythink from me even thou he had a criminall record as long as your arm .but the worst was one called mark and kevin in 1984 they had done it all as I found out they would beet me up steel all my money they had 14 identitys and thay did it all burgary assolt greaviou bodly harm extortion they was really bad and I didn’t find out till much later when thay was wanted in the local paper for there crimes one got banned by the judge in Braintree for doing car seeling with some other guy good bye to them then there was a pleasant break in 1984 and sexy peater from wat ford he was kind and sexy just what I wanted then in 1986 it was johns turn to find me but sadly what a terror then in 1994 there was carl from bethnall green another reall bad boy an german skin he was the first of the Londonguys who threatened to exstort money who went with prozys and had a black girlfriend and the strange thing about him was he was a natzy then good bye then in 1995 it was keith of wood green who bancrupped me he only wanted the most deerist things and id have to buy his mates all 5 of them things as well and then fially it was p’tó’r in 2009 and at that time there was also sean geff and Jamie the 3rd skin head who only wanted what he could get and like with carl all had girlfriends but never said till it was too late and one more but that’s not working either but sadly no sex only promises and its left me wondering with lots of questions about why did thay promiss so much and left me with nothing ?its a shame I never had the choice with the guys if id had I would of chosen a nice one oh well good bye to all the guys I once knew as I wont see them ever again fates a strange thing in its cruel way it has with our lifes

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