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and nows its time to talk about the decorations of mysterys paul and keith story coming soon this is because of a technickall faultnormall servise will reasume as soon as possible falite croeso dynnargh welclome

June 5, 2014


as you know that back in 1986 I did 9 other events to celebrate different occations during the year from easter st georges day st patricks day st davids day 1916 rememberance day .but there was two theres that also was tried but supprisingly not poplar nothing worse that doing the food inviteing the guests and every body not liking the theme of the occation so disappointing the events was the last night at the proms party with the English patriotic red white and blue decorations ,and the other event was to commerate the the importance of reamembering the people s who sadly died during the 2 world wars the idear was to get every one in voled in coming to the party and leaving a donation of then it was only 2 [pounds then I was going to give a cheque of the amount to the sally army shop so they could use the money however it didn’t go to plan and ended up in a row as I left the box by the door and put 5 pounds in it just to start things off ted and the pauls turned up but the one with the half breed boyfriend said im not giving you made us slave s so no then of course I said well that’s not the attutued to take as I pointed out well we could say that about the romans Julie and gang they came over here and stole our men and took them as slave in the 1st centery and thet walked out ,then the others said oh well um can we pay next time were a bit short at the moment so I pointed out well you woulnt be here if they had had that attuted now would you and they left so I thought oh well what I will have to do is just find some old clothes and put the 5 pounds in the box and put it in an envelope at least thay would have that but when I went to the box it and the money had gone .so when I next got some money 2 weeks later I put the money in an envelope and took it to the nearest charity shop with some old clothes I was very annoyed to think that they was so mean not to give the 2 pounds to a worthy couseand if there had been enough to send some money to Ireland for the dead of 1916 but it wasn’t the first time this happened like here a couple of years ago this charty send a box no one here would give so I put the money inn the box posted it back and said it was from every one I ask you any way lets return to the main reason of the story the decorations of mysterys the main reason was to bring a little happy ness to a bloke who thought that hed been forgotton on his birthdayand reasontley dan had his birthday and even thou charlies isn’t until October I did his ones as well as I had a feeling it would be one of the last times they would be here but sadly it came quicker than I invissaged oh well so this is part one the decorations of mysterys I found was one of the most masculine of all the decorations that I did back in 1986

also feachering the foot ball tree I tell you when I looked in the box the oridginall balls I had for it had gone and shiverved nothing is worse you try to hang your balls and they have gone and shriveld and died on you I ask you cant get the balls theses day so I had to buy new ones

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