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the decorations of mysterys part one continued thee rehursalls in cluding dans birthday party for the 31st of may 2014

June 5, 2014


of all the partys the decorations of mysterys was the one can I could apapt to bring a lillle happy ness to theman in question so why did thay stay for so long well the answer to that was thay was going to make a cum back in time back in 2009 as he was an aires I had planned it for the aril of 2010 but he sent me a text to say he was with naffoly now and to leave him alone or id wished he never met him so it wasn’t until I thought oh well the blogs coming to ann end and as ist dieing out nows the time to bring them back so heres the reahursalls for dans birthday party feaching that foot ball tree oh the trouble I had with it over the week id put it up the balls fell off the tree fell over and broke some of the figers what I have to do for you guys id tell you and theres one more guy to supprice supprise coming soon the Birmingham lock ness monster so ready lets go then to dans birthday party with the decorations of mysterys I even made a cake and after going to various places to get the food colouring that don’t do it here now why don’t that supprice me

so I got them to film each other opening there preasants so that thay would have a perminate record of there day here and can look back in years to come and say oh that was the time at the decroatons of mysterys party

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