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and nows its time for number 9 of the closing chapters as i take a last vist to 1986 and the last of the decorations from that year and i take one finall look at wats happening locally in the borough of bangla green also starring mouseman and the return of that sex bomb posty number 5 wow boy can he go on his way with his post in hand dynnargh welclome falite croeso

June 6, 2014


but first lets revist the decorations of 1986 that wasntnt redone this time they was the 10th in the seris to sellabrate the last night at the proms with decorations of red white and blue as I thought it would be a good idear to have a party on when its was proms night but my vistors at the time said isn’t it to right wing to cellabrate it as its so English? as I said what do you mean ?as I put the classicall record on the record player as I said you are English you know so be English but I could see that this theamed event party wasn’t going to be poplarnow you would of thought it would of been now woulnt you ?as they sat there listening to the 1812 overture eventally they got more comfortable with the idear as the night went on I asked the question so tell me so how does being English feel to you and why do you feel so uncomfortable with the party to cellabrate the night at the proms ?paul reaplied its cos of the immigration your scared to say anythink cos thay take it the wrong way as I said crap its not ann affence to cellabrate ones ident ity now is it ?you should be proud of your identy just like our cousins the welsh Cornish scotttish and and in Ireland a proud nation ,I reamember paul looking puzzled as I said be true to ones self you live in England then stand tall and say your a English man that’s what your forefathers fought for then ted joined in to say perhaps we should be more English as I said the english are supposed to be a bulldog breed not a poodle one in thatchers 1980s England any way it was soon time for the party to end .and there was never ann other one but it got my guests thinking about there national identy if nothing else .so what else well it was return of mouse man you’ve heard of the pied pipper of old London town well we have the mouse man of tower hamlets he catches them mices when he can with food gun in hand and boxes to catch the qurry the mouse man get then mices out your house as quick as he can mouse man .also the gentall author came by to vist and collect the last of the pics ,and as I opened the door after he left there standing was number 5 our posty wow as he stood there in his shorts I could see thous hairy legs of his as I said as he went on his way like a road runner nice to have you back the sexy little beast hes just l;ike greeze lighting meet meet with his white trainers on his feet as he goes on his way to get the post through the doors for another day and then posty number 5 is on his way once again .also I had a email from miss libby you know the warror queen of upper Clapton at the moment shes trying to save hackneys rain forest and parks lets hope she don’t get stuck up any trees next time the return of keith and paul the pigs in number 8 of the closing chapters so unti;ll then

don’t for get now to sign rule britana britana rules the waves

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