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its chapter number 8 of the closing chapters as once again paul and keith the 4 legged ones come back to cause havock once again in paul comes out the clositt so lets reaturn to 1971 and the morning my aunty went back to bed as shehad one of her heads

June 6, 2014


oh it was a grey damp morning on the farm as it was time to do the chores as one allways did as my aunty got up to take her yeast vite pills and sat in the cullery to take her other pills as I got paul and keiths break fast ready as she said uncles still asleep as she venterd to the the toile as my uncle shot out with a face like thunder as I thought id dear my dear looks like they been rowing again as I set off up the paddock till where they be them pigs be as I thought they must be in a deep sleep usally thee could here them

as I look in the pen oh no where can they be this time as I felt there bedding its still warm so they cant be far as I trot down to the house not in the kitchen not in the living room and not by the old rayburn as I thought where are you ?you pair of swines as I tipp toe by my auntys bedroom door I could here snoring and a lot of moving about as I thought oh she must be back in bed with her head as the snoring got loader I thought oh perhaps her and uncle made it up you know what men are be like don’t thee they make either a grunting noise of they snore as they be asleep .any way I hurd my auty say poor stan you don’t half stink like a old pig when did thee last have a bath you filty pig and you could do with a shave lazy pig as all of a suden there was this almighty scream as my aunty shot out talk about you could break glass at the loudness of her voice as I rushed back and on the bed stretched out was keith on her low bed with head on the pillows my auntys best candy stripped ones get it out of hear as with her eye patches still on her head the black ones as keith grunted just like uncle did .so I said oh dear I thought it was uncle any way in the big old wardrobe there was rubbleings comeing from in side as the thing shook and nearly totteld over as I went to invesagate there was paul half out with my auntys best dress of orange and yellow on his head with that mystervous glint in his eye as my aunt screeched get the out get them filty pigs out of here now I could help but laugh as I tried to get keith off the bed as we pulled he just grunted evilly I had to go and get a couple of cakes as they finaaly got out from there places with paul coverd in my aunty clothes as he knocked over the bed side table with my auntys ponds cream and fase power it went all over him as they rushed out the door sweeling as I turned around to my aunty so hows your head get out get out then she said it was dark with my black outs on I thought it be stan there laying beside me as I chased them be pigs as they went straight for the food as paul at last come out of the clossit as I had to scrubb him clean and get the powder and ponds cream off his back and the sandle of his back trotter as I said now then you pair of swines stay in there and not a sweel out of either off you till supper time then bed as I went in my aunty said now you can strip the bed as I looked at the mess it stank of pigs in there with covers all muddy it took ages and ages to clean it up and aunty was feriuos that the had no ponds cream to put on her face so later on when stan came back they had to go shopping in pricerights in witney for a new jar as for keith and paul they just had that look on there face like they all ways had the end of the return of keith and paul .DSCF1085

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