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its now bottom 5 of the ending chapters as death is imminant to the blog and i look back over the 20 years of what i hate about living in london from october 1994 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

June 7, 2014


oh dear London living if only id of know I think the main thing I hate about the place is the sent on the underground of stale sweat and onion with thous sweaty arm pits that haven’t seen a bar of soap in decades so I ask what ever happened wait for it roll on ?or even underarm stuff I allways thought at underground stations in London that thay should have staff with the roll on as the smelly ones go through the ticket booths it should be and lift up and say its roll on time but the other thing is our sling back badge wearers with the toe out the sock as you see the black toe nail of old London town its very oft putting as you see the face grow a slight shade of green as they want to through up at the sight of the dirt underneath the big toe nail or the fungal nail in fection is not cool to show it when with all the nail varish around theses days in new exsiteing vibrant coluors you could get thous little tooties coloured in the English patriotic clours and the tri colour of green white and orange as well as white and red or if your lucky enough to have 6 toes yes 6 toes  you could add a royall blue to your toe nail clour pallet go on get the underground look today go loverly with the white style frock gives a whole new meaning to frocking and with a spray job on the old slings it would be a whole new look for your wardrobe just think of all that mixing and matching fun you could have go on go tooties go and what elese it has to be the pollution poor it gets on your clothes and lack opf shops espeally in our little village of bangla green or is it bethnall since apparently its now an inderpendent place since the law was changed back in 2002 by the powers that be now I can understand it in cornwall as they allways have been a country in a country but bethnall green oh please im suppried that the torie or in deed labour and libs allowed it still as I was told you must go to England to look for somewhere else as we don’t deel with them now strange wat you learn every day isn’t it and the 3rd think is the big meatle birds that grace pour skys every second of the day from 4am as they fly in formation from above the clouds at the top of the buldings with there worll of there jet englines as they come into land near by you can even see what airlines and at what time thay come by the big silver clour birds have taken over our sky as the featherd ones have nearly gone away may be one day thay will return one day to play and sing there songs unlike the big meatle birds that there englings drown everythink out with there noise in the sky above in thew 21st centery flight path of eastern London in the land where its all black and white

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