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well its a the closing story its number one part one of two so first let me thank personally the rest of the world for takeing the time to read my blog and to say a big thank you to you all dynnargh welclome falite croeso

June 8, 2014


i would like to personally thank every one in Cyprus ,Oman , Bosnia and the republic of Herzegovina .the republic of Korea .Georgia ,Egypt. Romania .Luxembourge Slovenia .Bermuda, Argentina ,Mexico  Latvia .Iceland ,Ukraine. Serbia. Norway Finland Tiawan Guernsey. Israel .Estonia .Qatar Poland .Japan.Hong kong POrtagal Singa pore just  to say thanks once again and finally to all the other countrys thanks for reading my storys well its nearly time for me to go now so heres the final story part one but first who hated the blog the most well bethnall green said thay hated it  oh thanks to miss libby and her brother willy and to the gentall author, and dan and Charlie thanks for taking the time to read the storys and like my self not wanted but I think it gave p.t.o.r. a good kick up the back side and that’s what it was ment to do .you see he thought oh I can humiliate the old tranny old bitch and get away with it all I can say to him like the others in the past got that wrong did you darling ,this girl wont be triffeld with I allways get revenge and its allways best served cold with no veg ,as one would say ,so heres at last is the finale closing story are you ready sorry theres a techincall fault be back soon

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  1. June 8, 2014 6:10 pm

    This is worse than Dickens for suspense… this the end? Or maybe not…. What a tease you are with your technical faults, though it did make me smile! All the best to you anyway, whatever you decide to do in the future.

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