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so for the very last time its a finall good bye to the blog and wordpress its the finall storys of the last ever closing chapter story dynnargh welclome falite croesoso i start with a quick good bye to oh no wotch out is that a paul about and belive you me ive known many in my time as my time and job here is all but done as i finally take my last curtcey and with hand bag in hand its time to go as the show comes to its finall conclution

June 9, 2014


but first lets talk about paul paul oh no not a paul  watch out theres a paul about ,from paul p.t.o.r. with his sent of cream cakes as he walks by like an old tom cat cocking his leg as he travels by the window with a scole on his face he only smiles when he sees me .in the best possible tast ive often thought of getting one of thous lassoes as he walks by to catch him and reall that bugger in mind you he knows if I got hold of him hes enjoy himself too much and that would never do for him to break into some think new may be too much for him after all he aint getting any younger now but lets reamember the other pauls and its time to take a last vist to the Braintree years to 1987 and ted whom brought one up on his travel and them new shoes he just brought you know the ones with the holes in I tell you after 4 hours I could of kicked the blokes back side with his catch fraze oh what do you think of my new shoes don’t they look great nice one mate at first I said there okay if it flouts your boat as I looked at this lace up things on his feet a size 11but after it said it 20 times I was ready to run for the hills and I must admit when I see a bloke in lace up shoes it puts me in the mood of the devil as I reamember that day back in 1987 help theres a paul about .then there was that one with cheers mate that would be great nice one mate .and paul who thought he lost his cherry s that day and paul at the party whom put his pink sauceagey thing in the long bread roll ive seen it all and so like many times before with oh my god help me with this bloke called paul,so as the pages turn here they wont grow old as yet there storys are there too be told like the head less horse man has he rides by here he cannot tell if how why he lost his head or the man I wanted to take to my bed but in stead thay kidded me a long like a flower that blooms n spring and then is gone or like a light baulb that for years shins bright and before is had its last flicker and gone or like a candle that burns down in its holder as the last bit of wax burns down the dieing flames does its dance like to the song and then my dear I will soon be gone so all that’s left to say as I go on lifes wat just to say good bye to you all and once and for all ffarwell slan.duw genowghhwi farwell goodbye to one and all

and dasisy butter cup and marriglod say good bye to slan

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