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and nows its time to finally say goodbye its the finall part 3 of 3 dynnargh welclome falite croesoand its the return of the tricity contessa modle 643 from 1961

August 31, 2014

so lets return to November 1961 as you know I was a home birth late I was suppose to be born on November the 5th womans perogrative as one would say so my mother had her usall firework party with jumping jacks ect but as she went in it was my time to make an appearance so on the table she was put and with no telephone only my aunty had one 2 miles up the road I was born but apparently I slipped off the blue kitchen table and hit ones head on the bottom of the cooker as 4 years went by on that fatefull day back in 1965 when my aunty left me to fry an egg and said just turn it over when its done and turn off the ring 3 on the frount ring but the egg spashed in my eye and I will allways reamember the termedus pain as I got on the kitchen chair the chair went one way as I reached to turn the ring off and the frying pan its the one in the pic and I went on the floor all I can reameber having a terrible pain in my eye and my head was banging and when we moved about over the years as I then went to live with my aunty or mothers boyfriends mothers I never got the chance to relive that day so in 1978 I set to try and find the 643 as mother had sold the other one and over the years I encounterd many secondhand dealers who said oh we just had that one but if you buy this one we will get you one or ifit was in the papers id ring up oh sorry sold it it wasn’t till just reasontley I found it on ebay and yeaster day I plugged it in and it works so now I can fry an egg with out getting a panic attact if only id of found it years ago if id had off I woulnt of met keith and paul who broke my heart between them and cost me thousands of pounds in the bargine only for them to run off with bloody black pussy CNV00007CNV00029CNV00028CNV00027

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