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just before Christmas I returned to the tower of Londonand this is some of the pics I took but I never executed to see the hunky ghost it could be Guy fawlkes from 1605

January 6, 2015

imageimageimageimageimageimageas you know there are storys of many ghosts that walk the tower from hennery the 8ths wifes but I never expected to see guy fawlkes from 1605 on my first vist to the white tower it seemed very cold and there was this smell just like a fire workhad gone off as I looked up the staires and tooka pic of the little window it felt like some one was watching me as the flash went off there was this hunky looking guy in a hat with a beard and gave me a smile I thought at the time you cheeky thing you and then he was gone I tell you I thought im going backout the tower but unfortually I had to carry on as I paused and thought I must be dreaming surely it coulnt be or could it as I carried on thinking when I take the pics to snappy snaps ill see for my self if it was him in the past when like I saw the head less horseman back in 1980s with ted the old red lamp appeared but not in this case .I felt very strange .as you know guy fawlkes was born on aprill13th in the year 1570 so he was a aires from Yorkshire in 1590 he married and then went to fight with the Spanish he was good at making bombs and it be said how to make them as he wanted end of part one

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