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coming up the ghost in the mirror.dynnargh,diaduit conas ata tu sorry cant get to do the punchuationon this laptopappoliges

January 7, 2015

so nows its time for the story of the ghost in the bathroom mirror so lets return tolast month December .I was just putting winderlean on the bathroom mirror as I was just about to go out to film the Christmas decorations in the county town of Islington n1 so with camera in my coat pocket as I washed my hands pew don’t that winderlean stink I looked in the mirror to put my lippy on and my refection was gone it just went dark and the bathroom went so cold and dark all of a sudden this face apperared at the top of the mirror so I got the camera out of my pocket just to see if I could get a pic as I said mirro mirror on the wall whos this man have I seen him before ?.even though it was faint pic all of a sudden it became couldy and for a sec this man showed himself with such a nice smile and winked and then he was gone all of a sudden my refection reatured as I started to shiver as I quickly ran out the door

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