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the return to the tower of London part two

January 7, 2015

AS you know I have been to the tower of London tree times now .and after seeing the ghost I thought it was time to go off and seek out him and as I thought I must get some fluffy ravens as well .I brought 5 I tell you them ravens they love to pose for the camera as you know the olde story if the ravens leave the tower then the cityof London and in deed the monarchy would fall .the ravens seem to like the place mind you one called George apparently came to eastern London you know home of the sling back wearers and was seen out side one of the tavern s.public houses .perhaps he wanted a pint and castella cig I exspect hes signing on for his unemployment benefit now ub40 as you know the tower has 7 ravens there and then there was them hunky beef eaters wow what some super fit hunky guys in there bear skin hats .as I looked at them men as you know the men are exstined in our village now since there demise ny on 6 years ago now when the single ones all ran oft with the olde blackpussy in the village .no wonder I cant find one ah ah any way ,as I once again looked around the tower its a great place to vist and you can even get to see where the queen keeps her hat collection and the stunning jewels as well welllets face it you just got to have the matching accorys haven’t you .the tower has a lot of history since it was first contruted backin the normans day as you will see the tower as it was in the 10th centery to its preasant day its held many famous faces there in cluding the cray boys .guy fawkes Thomas winter full story about guy fawkes coming soon,and not forgetting henrys the 8ths poor wifes ann boyline and cathern howerd whom tis be said that walks there ghosts around the tower so its best not to wear pearls so did I see the hunky guy fawkes again not this time but in the tower I felt like a cold preasants in there and it wasn’t till I came out and as I was taking a pic of the ravens enclose lovery family some thing cold was on my shoulders as the breeze like was saying something then soldier boys in there big boots and fur hats on very sexy I wonder if they keep there marminlade sandwiches in there hats so they can have a quick nibble while no ones looking with a cup of rosey lee imageimageimageimageimage

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