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and now its time to the day I visted the hackney city farm closer to home dynnargh .welcolme falite.

January 8, 2015

as one knows the hackney city farm nessles between bethnall green and hackney in the eastern part of London .even though its a small holding it gives one an insite in to country life and the animals that live in the countery it has a wide collection of animals including a donkie 2 pigs and cockrall and other birds 2 black cows and a sheep the sfaff are friendly and theres some shops and a water tap so one can wash your hands its well worth a vist to the farm heres some pics of the pigs others soon to follow coming soon I tell you it brought back memerys of when one lived on a farm all thous years ago in the days of looking after the 2 pigs paul and keith and that mr piggy smell and the grunting it was also like with mr creame cakes that used to walk by the window from 6 years ago now how time flys and like the 4 legged versions of paul he grunted as well 2 grunts for yea 1 for no imageimage

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