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the story of guy fawkes that hunky man from 1570

January 8, 2015

we all want to be in the company of a realle man and we all love a bad boy .we all know the story of the guy powder plot of 1605 in November of that year and thus being a breaf story about this guy .who was born in 1570 in yorke northan England a powerfull built guy with long reddish hair and an aires aprill 13th his parents was Edward and edith .his mother was a catholic and his farther was a protestant .but guy fawkes or it has been said Thomas fawke was baptised as a protestant in the church of saint micheal in the city of yorke guys farther dided when he was only 8 years olde tis be said that in modern yorke today there be plaques in high pergate and stone gate to himhe lived in a house in the shadow of yourke minster .guy imagehis name to Guido then in time he acquitted him self with valour and was in a regiment with sir William Stanley whom was once with quimageimageeen elizabeth the first one ,whom was with the earl of Leicester,in guys time with them he learnt how to ignite the gun powder as he was a supper fit very intelligent man .and tus would set him up to become a part of the gun powder plot in later life.tis be said that guy fawkes was a big upstanding hunk of reall man with a beard and long reddish hair courageous cheerfull and intelligent and devout which was quite rare in them days tis be said .he fought for his god which he had strong belive inn.and the rest is history apparently theres island named after him but there are many storys about guy fawkes and the way he died some say that he escaped and broke his neck doing so as he fatelly fell to his death but the most ly the story goes that he was hung and quaterd and that his sprit will never rest along with his mates in the gun powder plot of November 1605 wom was Robert winter Thomas winter john wright Thomas percy Robert gatesby christper wright bates one things for sure he still haunt the tower and I got him on film but with all said and done even though he did wrong its how he stood up for his friends under torcher in the cell little eastern but every November the 5th hell allways be reamemberd as the centerys will pass next time in the last of the seiss I will be looking at the tower today and how its such a great day out and to vist and all that eye candy wow them sexy hunks of hot men lovery wow

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