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and nows a final look at the Christmas storys and the Christmas lights of near towns and far in the final set of 8 storys on the blog so you sitting comfeethan I shall being?

January 10, 2015

imagebut first lets first of all return to the 1990s and reamember the story about how my pussy blew up to double the size.when ted paul and simon and there pet turkie came to vist I bet at then at the time paul hadn’t said have you got a light boy for his smoke as you know paul was playing away and simon cooked the turkie Gregory in the oven after its demise with a van I suppose it was a case of cookabillity that’s the buitity of gas I reamember ted says after wards that thay even had a goblin teasmade and goblin hoover but ted said the hoover was all gobble and no suck you just cant get the staff can you so heres gregoryimageDSCF1559 r.i.p and heres the lights of walthamstoe e17 reamember the group e17 great records of the 1990s and poplar e14 and Braintree imageimageimageimagefromhome srry watham stoe next time lights as you know wathamstoe has many famous people from the town the great e17 and William morris the arty crafty person whom invented wall paper and brought to life the arts and crafts move ment aas he wanted to bring back traditionall goods to the homes of england

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