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in the last in the seris at my vists to the tower of London back in december2014.dynnargh croeso falite welcolmeand strange sequence of events that happened afterdwards

January 10, 2015

imagetickes costs 22pounds you can get them on the ticket booths just out side the castle enterance .the staff are friendly and for 5pounds one can buy a book and a map the tower does not get any government help .for me it was one of the most moving exsperances I had for a long time the place is full of magic and wonder in the past with its time of torcher it made me sad that mans humility to wards man .the tower is open from about 10am also there are guided walks but I just went around on my own .it wasn’t till I left the tower and felt very strange as I turned there was guy fawkes just by the castle wall as once again I took a pic of this hunk of 1570s man that he was in life .as I reaturnd to the village from filming the local museuim of childhood to finech the film up and then I thought id get a new coputor just after xmas in the sales once again I took the pics to be done on dvd and took some of the pics in the 8 by 10 I didn’t have a lot of time on Christmas eve as guy fawkes pic was quite a long way down the order and I didn’t have a lot of money just enough to get the dvd done to put on the comptor so then I could up load them all on site ,soon the dvd and some of the pics was done a couple so when chritmas was over I went to old street and got a new lap top at last the world and I will see him as well as the other pics of guy fawkes once again I put the dvd in to the comutor nothing no pics so I reatured to the shop the man in the shop said ill ring head office to see if what and why they didn’t come out ,when I did the pics some of them as well the card in the camera had no pics on it only the one of him by the window and all the work of the mueium of child hood and the national history muesuim have all gone only a few pics on photos remain I must admit I was dissapinted all that work gone then I got a dissposeable camera but that broke no pics only 5 and the digatall went and broke after I took that last pic in the muesium of child hood imageimageimageimageimageimageimage as you can see this is called a black mirror it used for scrying on but I didn’t exspect to see him a couple of days ago now in it since them the mirro r has been its usall self black I thought id try a mirror as the crystal balls got hot and you can hold hot balls when scrying and I got fed up with dropping ones balls they will roll about and fall oft the table but like anything thay take so much engery to get a pic its not like you have any horazontall hold or verticall or brightness setting on them to get a better picture I suppose every pic tells a story , I hope youll all vist the tower say hi to guy fawkes for me if you see him but don’t forget theres two lady ghosts that’s all haught the tower henry the 8ths wifes buut what I cant under stand is why I didn’t see Thomas or Robert winter after all they was executed in 1606 at the time all to be found is ambroses signature some where in one of the dungion walls

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