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the return to the city of Westminster from 2012 dynnargh falite croeso welcolme

January 10, 2015

on a cold windy day in the city I vencherd from the village of bethnall green from the spit full pavements here to western London where one can walk on spit free pavements makes a change ,and I verched to the saint james park where I saw 4 pellycons by the water side wow ive never seen them before only on tv in good olde monochrome ,I thought they was only in hot plces .perhaps they here on there holidays and got a cheep flight .talk about birds of a fether stick to gether also there was a mute swan it never said a word as well as some Canada greeze and a black swan he was swanning about after the breadtrying to earn a crust or two and heres some pics .as you know thus part of the city is where the toffee nosed city slickers hang out .near by is the houses of parliament and big ben and Westminster abbey I had to come back as the camera broke down so heres a selection of picsimageimageimageimageimageimage

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