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the return to the tower of London back in December 2014 starring guy fawkes from 1560 and them hunky wow soliderboys that gard the tower

January 10, 2015

if you have never been to the tower of London then its a must the tower of London s nearest staion is tower hill on the yellow line the circle one the tube you can go to Liverpool street from eastern London the tower it self nessles on the hill by tower brigde the tower was first contruted around norman times 1066 as well as the ravens that live there and them hunky men that look after it they are the cuteset men you ever did see my oh my some wear them big fur hats I wonder when thay get home if they give the hat a saucer of milk .the tower hold many secrets and as you know that I saw guy fawkes ghost there are many ghosts that be said that regularly haunt the tower its ver asmerferic place mystious there are lots of sounds as you vist the various parts of it the tower has loads of bookshops which one can buy lots of things there like toy fluffy ravens and not forgetting the crowns and gowns and things of power tis be said once that the cad cournall blood nicked some of the crowns the tower has been a prison in its former life and held them boys the crays brothers and rudioff hess the nasty one the tower is funded by donations and admission charges thay have nellyphants loins and monkies staues that look realle theres prices are reasonable in the cafes that adorn the place and when I was there there was this guy with king johns the first as I thought when I saw this guy with it on a cushion hello john got a new hat ,well worth a vist but wear flat shoes not sling backs imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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