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and nows its time for number 7 in the closing chapters and the time when paul the skinhead bovver boy sleped with his bovver boot on so once again lets return to the Tottenham years and meet that heathan the paul that time for got and his flags of his skinboy faith as the skin boy said stay pround stay skin stay sharp its in me blood so he said so its back to august of that year

January 11, 2015

DSCF0787s_0011you know how it is you start to scrub the floor and theres a knockat the door with scrubber in hand I went down the stares and long and behold it was ted with one of his mates this bovver booted skinboy with his lace up cherry boots but as you know thay don’t wear cordaroys .and before ted could say whom he was the bovver booted skin boy the cheeky sod said I didn’t know you was a scrubber as ted started to talk oh no I bet skin boy your called paul now why don’t that supprice me .how did you know he said come on up as the bovver booted skin boy like bounce up the stares with out a care as ted followed behind in his hushy puppies they never made a sound or even a word .so boys what can one do for you as the skin boy stood there in his tight jeans talk about the battle of the bulge I could not reasist to say is that a pistol you got in your pocket or you just pleased to see me ?as he went red .then he said you anit got a joint I could do with one .what do you mean its only 7am what beef pork or lamb .na a joint he said sorry joints in freezer I said im Thursday he said I thought your name was paul and its not Thursday its Saturday paul will tea do thee na paul said got a tinney well your in luck skin boy ill get you one so ted tea for you and thee then oh whato ted said that it will be them as that sat around the table as I brought the teapot in with the cups and the tinny as that skin boy with his big bovverboots on show was doing rubbing his you know what as I said you heathan and the cheeky sod said come on darling your begging for it its about time a man showed you whats what don’t you fink so ted mate .as I said you have thoughts of the devil himself and your heathan thoughts and ways im saving my self for the right guy and I know your type here to day gone tommrow and not only that skin boy I just don’t think your manenough for me but still he persisted as I sat down on the couch he came and sat beside me and said every man has covidirall rights and demands and ever vergine should be shown the light so I said these coviderall rights you talk about as I did the sign of the cross are they a place near by skin boy as ted smirked then he rolled his cig and licked his lips oh come on bitch no body refuses the great one I got a reperatation to up hold as he put his bovver boot out stretched as I looked whats them knoches on the back of your bovver boots so he said that one for ever conquest and I want you on me boot as I thought thus persistant sod ill give him a taste of his own medicine the devilll in him the heathan that he be with his stunning good looks ,I tell you what im going to do skin boy lets play a game of strip monopoly if you win then ill let you have your way but how ever if you loose then im going to put you over my knee and slap your back side for your cheek ,agreed ted said well that’s fare well skin boy what you say but of course if your not manenough well for get the whole thing and afterwards ill have to confess to the holy farther that id had sex with out marriage so paul said isn’t waiting for the right one olde fashioned theses days every one has free love so I said well you don’t exspect tobe payed with your heathan ways the little devil that you be .wheres your carsey he said I don’t know any carseys is that a bloke na he said a down the hall ted said ill just go to the shop for some booze as I than went into the bedroom my pussy was on the bed asleep as I opend the wardrobe door to put some more close on ill thought even though I fancy thus skin boy im going to make him earn his night of passion ,after a while the skin boy and ted resumed there positions at the olde table as I layed out the momopoly board as the skin boy was gusserling down the beer .as I managed to get the red houses on the board and paul kept landing on them that’s a item of clothing paul to take off as I sat there cuumm cummm paul surely your not shy ?as he starched his head come along paul I said but if your not manenough darling .as he stared to take of his mai jacket ,as his hairy tattooed arms on show now your turn he said what you mean skin boy paul your the one that lost not I stuip game but ill tell you what im going to do as its you paul just this once ill match your boot with one of mine hows that as I unzipped the boot and put it besides his on the center of the board .oi that’s not fair that worth something eles what you mean skin boy well my feets bigger than yours or can I have a quick grope he said you heathan I said ill tell you what im going to do paul ill think about it and if you take off your other boot ill put a pair of stokings and a skirt on the table hows that darling ?as he started to drinkmore and the drbble was on his chin na as I put my foot beside him and rolled my hand up to the top of my stoking do you want to help me than skin boy as he fell of the chair ,as ted and I laughed and laughed till we was nearly blue in the face come on skin boy as he sat on the chair as we played the game then paul fell asleep as I said to ted I knew he weren’t man enough and ted said its time we was going paul as he staggerd to his feet and with other bovver boot in hand he sputterd ive also got a pair of dealers and Chelsea ones oh I said so you know a couple of dealers in chealsea then na that me other boots he said shall we meet up again he said next time bitch ill show you what a reall man s got to offer he said as I then said you keep dreaming skin boy in your lace up bovver boots but you don’t weatr cordaroys I coulnt help but feel dissapinted but looking backim glad nothing happened and I can say to the next guy your the first one so heres there skin boy flags image

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