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so what is it about the men with the name dare I say it paul in the last story in the seris dynnargh croeso faliteist one in 1965 to 2010

January 11, 2015

AS you know over the years ive come into contact with many pauls mostely the skinhead ones with there big bovver boots on there feet and tattooes on there arms with there cheek and promeses that were never kept perhaps thay didn’t have staying power what an absolute shower old beens like in the last story about a paul I remember looking out the window as paul skin boy was leaving with ted in his car as I notised him fiddling around in the frount of his jeans as he pulled out a big banana as I thought at the time the little bugger and there was I thinking he was a big boy tyicall man ,DSCF0787 and even though I don’t know hardly any now only mr cuddles but that will never be as hes married I reamember lookingon thous dateing internet sites when one sent me a message and of all the blokes that was on there it just had to be a paul as he said im a builder from brent wood ive got loads of boots like cats really I said fancy wearing a cat on your feet I suppose your the bloke from just out the city whom wears a couple of kittys on his feet he reaplied not that type of cat catapillers so I said aren’t they uncomfortable well lets face it catapillers are hairys spinny things and usally green ,notthanks sorry not for thee then he said I have crocks too why don’t you wanna meet as I said now don’t get snappy now paul and then he said im married and then dissaperd as you know you get a lot of them city slickers who get on there whom some wear knickers and bras too and say thay don’t like any one else who dresses like that too .unfortually I don’t meet any one and this thing called fun I never had but I suppose with the pauls I knew all them years ago some made me laugh but a lot made me broken hearted and want to cry .the only men I see these days come in on tv wow them men are a wonderfull site to see and did you see the programme about guy fawkes on bbc 2 last November what a vision of loverlyness with the guy who played the part of him and not dissimilar from his ghost that I saw at the tower of London wow I wanting more the only men that come into our village now is sometimes white van man where thay live or come from I don’t know how with there hunky smiles and good looks as they look and drive by may be one day ill get the guy and that’s the end of the seris of paul the conclution from 1965 to 2010

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