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so lets look at white witches and wizards over the centerys and the 6th sence that I have

January 13, 2015

I have often thought that the witch has allways had a bad press over the years and the charicature of walts on the face is only really in books and spells with toads and frogs ect are like harry potter like flying broom sticks are really a fanticy in the street there are many that belive in the olden ways and you would never know as they pass you by in the street that they was a wizard or a witch .and tarrow card reading is not the sign of the devil or parmistry it just advise from the reading on the cards to say this can happen .most witches and indeed wizards are born with the gift of being able to see things that others cant like when last year I fortold that the royall baby would be a boy .like scrying it takes a lot of energy and concentration ,to get some sort of vision I suppose you call it in my case its the ghosts I can see like that time with guy fawkes what a hunk of a man so it don’t scare me but you get that feelingof when something will happen .there are more things than heaven and earth and where most people only use 5% of there brain and in the men I once knew 1% of there brain reamember theres more than 3 dementions there are 12 we just live in the 3 we have all experance from time to time your in a room and theres this person whom like drains the energy from you they are called vampires then sometimes you talk to someone who like fills you with energy ,IMG_1131image

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