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the vist to Waltham abbey via Waltham cross as one self white witch and fellow white wizard andy

January 13, 2015

imageimageimageimageimageimageso oft we went via Liverpool street to Waltham cross to see DEbby and her girls at her shop in Waltham abbey ive know n Debby quite a few years now on speaking on the telephone and after all this time and andy a famous tarrow reader and like I reading the cards was free and after all this time one thought it was time I visted the white witch shop in the town ,unfortually Debby wasn’t there so only her number one girl Clarisser was surving in the shop .in my time ive visted many shops in London but nothing like the white witch shop .its one of the greatest ones ive ever visited with so much to see .from candles to books its a must for a budding witch or wizard to gleen and see from crystal balls to witch mobiles on display at competive prices and things that are well layed out for you to pick up and see the shop is situated on the corner of church street agacent to the old church and market well worth a look .the shop has been there for many moons.the town is full of shops and them hunky market men there on there stalls said as I vencherd into the shop wow shes a witch .the market has lots of goodys on display.the town its self hoasts lots of quant tea rooms and an library 7 pubs cake shops has loads of parking places if you go by car ,a spirtish shop that sells American indian staues and different stones like ammerite ect theres a post office the people supprisingley are most friendly even thou its on the Essex heartford shire boarder.the town was formed in the time of the normans in 1066 and the big church is one of the best known examples of its time the town also boasts the gun powder mills I wonder if guy fawkes and his mates went there to buy his gun powder back in 1604,the town has a possitve energy which leaves one feeling in vigorated and motervated and there surtainly some hunky man eye candy there .the town is very post with big houses and long drives with gates in frount of them as one leaves the town it also boasts the big boy reatailers the well know brands of diy and eaterys you know im lovin it ,the people that live there are mostly English white .the pathments was as clean as a new pin ,and even though Christmas had just passed out side the old town hall thay still had there Christmas lights up and it looked a stunning display of electric lighting could be contrude on par with the olde southend lights displays of the late 1970searly 1980s so why not make a conerted effort to vist watham abbey nearer the time .watham abbey a 20 minute bus journey bus 255 from the local Waltham cross bus station it piecefully nessels between Waltham cross in the east and upsire in the west I also visted there as well today its quite a quaint place.with big houses oh the crystal chanderleers lights right up the paintingon your wall light up your life with brightness galour e in the north one can get to the neighbouring towns of bishops Stortford and new and old harlow you just get the heart ford east train from Liverpool street or if you live in miss libbys queendom of upper Clapton from her station in the town ,it takes 34mins to get there ,to Waltham cross .and there toilets in the town and on the train as it chugs along the track at a steedy as she goes pace so why not go and see DEbby and her girls shes the most powerfull lady in Waltham cross .next time its the return to the muesiume of childhood in the little village of banglour green or is it bethnall wear thay fly them devil black flags from important buildings in the village as you can see .so until the next time ,imageimage

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