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and nows its time to return to the farm and the day when my aunt found a ladder in her stockings and saw an adderin the grassso lets go back to the summer of 1972dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 15, 2015

imageimageCNV00004oh dear thee wasntnt auntys day after her row with uncle so she decided to get a taxy to witney at uncles expence.are my stockings dry yet why you I was allways called you .as she come out to the washing line done up like a dogs dinner talk about mutton dressed as lamb.just a moment ill just move the prop move out the way you little brat she said they’ll do she said as she took them in side .it made a change as usally the goat billy would usally eat them all of a sudden she came out with them in her hand thay aren’t any good they bee ladder in them now what im I going to do ?well aunty I said why don’t you use uncles razor and shave off the hairs of your legs and them draw a line up the back and then put some bisto gravey powder on then to make them look like you got stockings on oh yes id never thought of that she said ?as she screamed as somethink was moving in the grass as we saw this head of green and brown appear out of it well I be jiggerd she said I never thought id see one of thee thy be an adder thus be a snake usally be seen in a county called worstershire ,oh perhaps its come for its holidays I said .so is the adder good at adding up I said does it know what 3\6d and 2shillings are ?5\6d and is the snake a relative of uncles ?what makes thee say that why you ?well aunty you called uncle last night a snake in the grass just before you through the dinner at him and hit him bang on target .oh yes thee did as she laughed now thy must get on I have to go to witney to go to price rights to get some ponds cream, for thee face and some omo and some perfume and sues coming as well hullo nanna nanna the taxys here now get on with your work and no you cant have nothing Julie woulnt like it she said to thee as she said its Edwards heaths fault that shes got to go to witney just before I go she said that coffees gone up 3pence half penny ,just before you go aunty that man called ted heath I don’t no how thee does it well he runs the country and plays in his band as well .I know she said and hes talks to common people she said as paul and keith come bounding down from there be sty .gurunting away like thee allways did .paul watch the prop oh well done thee duck as he walked all over the up tipped washing as he went and walked over the upturned washing basket.stay there paul don’t even grunt a word you pig .keith wheres thee be now oh now the doors open in the kitchen now aint that bee a bugger keith wheres thee be you total swineing pig as I go in no where to be sean as I look thought the living room door there he is on the best sheep skin mat it came from morseys catalogue book get off of there you swine kieth if uncle finds out he will have you guts for garters me duck ,as I tried to get him off the mat he just squeeled eventally he ran off out into the kitchen just passed the kelvinator fridge door wich was not o closed properly as keith with head in the fridge with cheese on his nose was just about to knock the bowl of triffel on the floor keith oh thee don’t I will not be triffeld with keith as I tried to get him out the way before long it was all all over the floor lucky the bowl was a orange tupperwear one it was in or thed of been glass every where oh look at the state of you keith you selfish pig as he grunted and ran off you know you don’t as he met paul as they ran towards there sty you wait till thee gets these hands of thy as they run into there sty I go to close the gate ,see you latrers boys as they grunt as then I had to make yet another triffel before aunty comes back from witney with that poisonus bratt sue I so hate you I thought as I was cooking away for yet again for ann other day .next time its time to return for the last story from the farm and the time that Granville brought home his big bad boys from oxford city the kitty cat fish floyed loyed and luke and duke so until the next time I allways thought thay was very fishey,

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