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as you may of heard that last year nessey the lock ness monster has been showing his face perhaps he wanted to vote in the scotish elections

January 15, 2015

imageDSCF2039as nesset makes an appearance in the lock ready to cast his vote in the poling station at inverness with voting slip in hand this monster of a man puts his vote in the box for his canadateimageyou have to admit olde nessys a tyipicall bloke who only want you to see him on his terms there have been loads of legends over the years like one about that some one had put a curse on the monster when cristianallity came from the Shetland isles that he could necver show him self .but what ever the reason nessey the fascination continues today like its allways been and olde nessy million years olde now will live on forever but he wont do any book signings yet thou

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