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and now its time to see what thous city slickers as tarquin and pinky go out of the office for the day to go to the county of worscester and meet mr adder

January 16, 2015

imageimageoh watto its oft we go to the country side is one up for it pinky old thing ?,oh I say its so trifflerly hot in here ?well one has the jam jar out side so one can go for ann ride .that’s just such a binky of an idear as were from the smoke of that little city of London to work in worcestershire for the week .so lets go pinky old been and its chocs away as they ride out into the countery side as tarkers turns to pinky and says watto its so green old bean and with all thses things called trees its seems old thing they have branches every where .oh watto is that a shoppy thing there ?oh lets stop tarkers then one can get some nibbles and some refreshment so one can have a picknick ?oh watto a spiffing idear oh you are so cleaver pinky olde bean .now why didn’t one think of that .dosent old chummy live near by ?I think he does you know oh watto lets see if the olde things in after one has been to that little shoppy thing .as they go into the shop I saw old been lets have a ploughmans lunch .I saw tarkers how simply spiffing as they but what one needed and what about of sudderness dtrinky poos wize .how about this thingy called cider .I say do one think we should ?oh one woulnt hurt oh go on there your such a sport as the assistant totals up the price of there purchases .that will be 17\6d me dear your not from here she said .no were from that place called London just up to work in worster for a week ,I see she said as they payed there 17\6 and out of a pound note they got 2\6d change as they left the stroe they turn to say tally hoe old bean .as they get into ones car and go oft on there way down to where chummy lived as they stop out side his house .and get out the car as they go through the gate and up the parth pinky says I say tarkers isn’t it simpley devine little place as they knock on the door a few seconds later the door opens ,as chummy answers hullo old been I say golly good place one has here ,fancy coming out into the country side for a pikers ?oh how simpley spiffing old beans chummy says .come along old fruit we got plenty of scrummy things to eat .as they get in the car as he tarkers trys to start it it wont start oh dam now what does one do so chummy says try the strating handle .oh what a spiffing idear old thing now where did one put that thiggy evenchally he finds it and put it in the frount of the car as he says now come along old girl all of a sudden the old jam jar roars to life as they set oft on ones way through the country lanes what about here chummy and pinky says oh spot on that simply cricket .as one parks up and opens the truck and gets the old blanket and the provisions out as they start eating ones food theres a russleing in the grass .whats the matter tarkers chummy says to him ?I can hear something oh whats that .tis be some sort of snake as chummy says we get a lot of them sort here its an adder by the looks of it .I say pinky says as it rases it s head out the grass I say olde been what is one it reaplies im a worster adder as tarkers says how wonderfully spiffing olde beean is one in the numbers game like us ?the adder reaplies do you speak snake then ?as chummy says well weve got your numbers .so does one travel this way often tarkers says ?oh look its gone on its way oh golly bad show ,and its time we was oft the boss will be mad if ones late ?time to pack up and go what a jolly good show as they arrive at chummys house and dropp him oft out side the gate see you again before we go back to the smoky city tally hoe olde been tally hoe chocks away them .soon they arrive back in olde worster town I say old been we better look smart and sharp what the time pinkers it 130 oh jolly good show its oft we go back to number church again tally hoe pinkers tally hoe tarkers see one after work for a snifter oh why not a truly spiffing idear .

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