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and now its time to look at englands snakes there no snake in the grass and wont grass on you dynnargh.welclome falite croeso

January 17, 2015

as you know England has two native snakes which are situated in the west of the country mainly in worcestershireimage .the common grass snake hes very common but he wont grass on you .as he slithers around the country side and then theres the adder very good at maths and he has the number of things I reamember that day on the farm all thous years ago when my aunty said she had a ladder in her stockings that day and then we saw an adder perhaps he was on his holidays as you know they are quite well caomflarged with there brown yellow and green coats .which sometimes look like they was made to measure talk about tight fitting but both speak with fork tounge ,there more than a snake in the grass as they slither on there way the sir hiss of the snake world ,I suppose its just a case of the numbers game in thea oqation as they try to figger it out its all about numbers and heres number 009 and his mate the grass snake 008 as they slither away for another day as they go on there way what a saucy snake who some times vists the lake just by the trees in the long grass but he cant be asked has hes no grass.but beware of that snake the adder he can give a poisonus bite which will give one a fright especially at night if you sit on him it just a numbers game to him there goes sir hiss mate

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