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and now its time for a light hearted story after the emmonitionall 5 before it and the return to woodgreen home of the tracky traniers boys in there 20 with the 10 fishy fingers as thay allways have there fingers unfrozen out the box dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 22, 2015

PTDC0145you got to hand it to the tracky trainer boys of woodgreen n22 in northan London of the city thous tracky trainers boys fingers are not to be sniffed at talk about fishy fingers slightly frozen in this wheather no doubt as they allway out the box with no frills packetchine with 10 iout the box I don’t think id wanna shake hands with them thou especially as one was starching his northan London dearyair yuck chocolate finger it the only place in  London where they do this ritall but its all in hand with thous boys I just didn’t want to participate in the fishy hand skake .as you know wood green hosts many more well ballenence shops that cater for every one the shopping center boasts lots of shops and cafes and also woodgreen hosts another smaller shopping center with a library you can buy hats to mats they have it all and its 36mins on the main line train from Cambridge heath just change at bruse grove in Tottenham n17 and wait for the busses 123 and the 243 so why not go over and see and there prices like the tracky trainer boys not to be sniffed at or you can buy a quick snifter in many of the local pubs in the area ,next time its the closing storys before the blog finally dies out so until then bravo old beans bou_0002

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