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the return to the v\a in western London dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 23, 2015

PTDC0139PTDC0075PTDC0074PTDC0081PTDC0069PTDC0048PTDC0047PTDC0051PTDC0051as you know I first visted the v\a back in December but unfortually the pics all got wiped off so yeaster day I returned to Weston London to revist the place as you know the v\a is situated in the posh part of the city the nearest tube station is Kensington just a stone through from the station the area offers also the natural history mueium and not forgetting the science one as well the v\a is adorned with statues of the past English and europian as well as a room with lots of bling and sparkerlys to show its a vast building as one goes in through the door that swings around like from a olde shop the celing hosts this big greeney blue chanderlieer  theres lots of pics in the art gallery by popular artists at the time like that police man bloke who painted consterball there lots of statues like the god thour the norsce god and some well known others theres lots of medievall things on display no ghosts thou but theres cafes so one can have a nibble so in other words your cake and eat it .theres also  a dress wedding ones on display from the early years in the 1800s to the preasant day theres a little shop where one can buy some sparkerly to wear and if you want to donate to a group called the angles heavens above for only a pound ,its free to get in but as one leaves the premaces theres a little box for you to put your 4 pounds .theres 3 floors to the building all made out of white marbel as I thought I woulnt want the job of being a scrubber on my hands and knees cleaning that marbel I can tell you on the way there at one of the stations on the yellow line circle but you also can get there by yhe dark blue one the Piccadilly or the dark green one the district at one of the station there was thses two hunky men got on one had his fiddle and one had a gutar and they played a few songs to us all a strange sight in London mind you there was some city slickers on there but thay was all married and a big fat one all he did was scratch his bits and pieces so if your over that way why not call into the v\a so have a nice day now pics hopefully coming soon

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