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and nows to a quick selection of pics so lets start with the two from the v\a they got the look v\a today

January 24, 2015

Guido Fawkes born aprill 13th 1570

PTDC0053 PTDC0058 PTDC0158 PTDC0157 PTDC0156 PTDC0153 PTDC0150 PTDC0144 PTDC0142heres some of the resont new cameria new film and who gets on the act that sexy beast guy fawkes but yet his pic should not be on here how strange I know that the circle line goes via tower hill and I dint get off to go there as there was no time still no matter .typicall man still its nice to know his sprits alive and well even thou he left his body back in January 1606.

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