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the return to the v\a in western London dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 25, 2015

PTDC0109 PTDC0111 PTDC0112 PTDC0114 PTDC0115 PTDC0116 PTDC0117 PTDC0118 PTDC0004 PTDC0003PTDC0065 PTDC0086 PTDC0087 PTDC0107 PTDC0121 PTDC0122 PTDC0123 PTDC0125 PTDC0126 PTDC0127 PTDC0128 PTDC0130 PTDC0132 PTDC0133 As one can see the v\a hosts a great deal of wedding dresses on a time line from the late 1700s to the preasant day this is some of the dresses on display all one needs is the man to make the day compleat okay men not available isn’t that tyipicall theres never one around and around when you need one but the dresses are well going to see

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