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and nows its time for a fanticey story as them city slickers from the 1970s go into the clossit and travel to present day as we woder what thay would think if thay met the modern aqiverlents in the way thay now talk now instead of how they used to so lets meet dinky .pinky ,binky as they travel in to the futer dynnargh.welclome falite croeso

January 26, 2015

DSCF1485DSCF1483PTDC0176imagePTDC0175PTDC0445so its 1970s Britain in a small office in the city of Birmingham home of the brummy lock ness monster 3 city slickers from London go to birming ham in the west midlands  .as the city gents get summond to see there boss .as thay wait out side the door as thay knock come in olde beans said mr dinky.we have a speacail assiment from head office for us to perform its top secret oh I say olde thing how wonderfully spiffing said binky .toppo what a super dopper idear sir .so what does ones have to do sounds devine .well as you can see gentlemen this is a clossit but its more than that as you will see if you step this way its a time machine .does that mean one can travel in time in other dimentions sir said pinky how jolly good show that’s correct and they at head office want us to try it how does one know if this old girl works ?said binky it has been testesd on trails at the laboritys in hemel Hempstead that’s in the county of heartford shire you know the county where hurracanes hardly ever happen ,oh there how wonderfully upper class county simpley spiffing olde thing so what happens if we travel in the closet and something goes wrong said pinky ,wheres your bull dog sprit pinky darling reamember we british rule britaina we are the bulldog breed woof our british stiff upper lip with carry us through any situation.yes sir jolly good show ,oh by the way sir said binky will one be back for crossroads one does allways watch the show with mummy while having ones tea okay yar .so gentall men enough talk so are you with one on this reamember our motto its all for one all for 3 show that nipple and reapeat yes sir all for one all for three .as they open the closet oh I say mr dinky how simply spiffing look and its giot all theses knobby things on the inside over there I say said pinky its just not cricket to have so many knobs in such a small place as mr dinky says wheres your sence of advencher pinky we get oodels of cash for this work simplerly oodels oh watto lets jolly well go on with the show perhaps we could plce a bet on the old fillys while there ?I say dinky nows that a toppo idear ,as thay go into the closet and close the door .end of part onePTDC0003

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