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coming up its time to return to the year 1985 and the day the girls and i played on carons home made uweejey board never do it dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 30, 2015

imageimagePTDC0442PTDC0435PTDC0436so lets go back through the mists of time back to the autum of 1985 and on the blog in the early days I did the story but unfortually the pics were not very good so I thought id remind you all don’t do weegy boards paper or wooden unless your with ex[perance people who know what there doing oh just a quick mension to the 2 blokes in the currys van who stopped to pick ones hat out of the road when it was heavey rain on Wednesday moring thank you guys the guy who drove was hot and fit very nice .anyway so sitting comfortablely then I shall begine so it was the time when one was fed up with one being on the dhss unemployment benefit with its pollterary amount this week you cant buy shoes on that so one went to stanstead airport and asked if there was any seasonall vacconses the man  in charge said yes a few monthes seasonall work so I said in late july you have convinced me ill do you the favour and come and work for you .it was load payed like all servise jobs in that sector allways are but I thought on the positive side I just might find some hunky men who just might show an interest any way I started as a preparation assistant I all ready knew some one miss p who had just left but her little willy who one called slithers as he was just like an old rinkerly snake any way it was one afternoon when we was all out in the old caravan having a ciggy as I was dieing to get ones lips around some thing and hot as I thought okay wheres the men as I felt like running through the van saying up harlow just for the hell of it but any way caron and trasey and clamity jane was sitting with sean having a coffee and a ciggy so they said sit down and come and play this game its okay caron said we do it all the time as I said now girls don’t be filthy im not lebernesse its men I want and I could do with one or three any way caron tore up some scrapps of paper about 4×4 inches and wrote in black pen the 26 letters of the alphabet and placed them around in a circle and with the glass in the middle a larger glass we all had to put one finger on the top of it so we all did just that the glass started to move ones first thoughts was I bet carons pushing the glass the minx any way the glass started speling out the name of seans dad I don’t like this so caron said has your dad died sean ?he said not that long ago why as the glass spelt his name and dads okay I lept up to my feet and said im going in side to finesh my work theres a big green cucumber with ones name on to handle and cut up .at this time sean looked white but as men do srugged it all off with a laugh later on I asked him how he felt how did thay know his dad had gone so it must be true but at leasts hes okay he said which he felt a comfort in that .after all it could of been worse the glass could of gone black wich means theres a pentigost preasnt in there and the old saying if that happens you have to smash the glass in the fire grate mind you in the old caravan there was no fire place not even a fire of any disscrition after work we all walked up the road and myself and sean had to wait for the bus which was not very freaquent and I wanted to get home from takely while still day lightaas it took an age through dunmow and along the a120 to rayne then on to the small market town of Braintree home of then was the green 4foot tonged Braintree boiler ,sean got off at dnmow as the little bus chugged along through the country lanes and just after rayne one got offt one had to get the early bus as one had to start at 730am for 8am and the bus journey alone was 45mins English summer time .a few days went by as I walked down the elsemham road from the bus stop it was approx. 1 and half miles down the old dirt track to get tio the airport ,and as the weeks passed the sun which rose in the east was a big and orange as a pumpkins head as on this Wednesday morning as I walked by the cluster of trees and on the right hand side was the beginnings of the airport the planes some was vissable from there the sun was a reddy orange as I walked along I could here this like wossing sound as I carried on as I looked up at the sky which was blocked out by this brown and orange thing and the smell was like gone off mean like something that’s been dead to long and all of a sudden I was knocked to the ground as I tried to get up I looked there was three of them with this long beak and unuassial teeth like id never seen before and this high pitched screeching nosce it was deafening .the eyes was a blood red and on the top of there heads thay had like an extrea piece about a gueetermate about 6 or even 7 inches of orangey brown like a annothe beak with the skin on it ,I tell you they after a few seconds flew off as I thought what the hell was theay I ran as fast as my high heels could take me and when I saw caron I said to her the airport hasn’t got any unuasalle fights taking place has it why she said ?so I told herr what id seen oh them don’t worry about it like its something you see every day .so a few years later I looked in a preastric dinosaur book and they had some flying birds in there lizards called terridacktaills one can only summise that what they was and it begs the question did carons mucking around with the aweegy board bring theses things back to life .as you know there was once sold wooden aweegar boards byt they apparently was banned some years ago and people just put them away in the lofts so be wear never play around with the suppernaturall unless you know what your doing PTDC0436

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