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and nows its part two if the story about private dealer 6901 and private Chelsea 6902as they take on there second day of training from the department of intelligence m69 to the army stand by your beds on the double dynnargh welclome falite croesoso lets return ready ?

January 31, 2015

ITS517am british summer time as the sound of the bell rings as the old cock says wakey wakey its for you to wake up .as sargent major balls is just hanging his own smoking a ciggy out side the hut of missgivings  as he flings the door open wakey wakey you dogs as the mr dealers cummcumm and Chelsea a refind old boot starts moaning as the sargent major ripps of f mr chelseas sheets off as he says whats that on your face private Chelsea well watto watto  sir its my knight cream its number 2211 and I use it to keep my skin supple sarge balls stand to attenition now on the double its time for physical pt 4o press ups now dealer yes sir thank you sir your great sir what you got balls sir and you other two dogs up down up down as thay get on the floor dealer says oh sarge the floors all dirty look at my hands don’t be a jessy now on your feet running on the spot  I say watto wattoosarge darling said private cum cum darling does one have to make that terrible noisce I say sweety tone it down a bitt theres a love as sargent balls says what did you call me you incerlent swine and cad to the cooler now as for you dealer Chelsea get this pigs sty cleaned up and beds made for kit inspection before break fast at o6oo yes sir thank you sir your smashing sir as sargent balls marches private cum cum to the cooler he allways was I bit fridged that sargent get thous legs up quick march left right left right get thous lips up on the double you horrible little man shopulders back they get to the cooler as cumm cumm says to the sargent excuse me sargent why do you allways have the 2 hanggrades on your shoulders aren’t you worried if you go oft with a bang .?you stpid man all sergeants have 2 hangrnades in the shoulder lappels get in your on a charge till suset 1930hours as the door shuts firm private cum cum can here the sarget balls marching down the he walks by the hut where dealer and Chelsea are as he waklks back and into the hut .kit inspection stand by your beds you pair of dogs woof  woof thankyou sir they say as the sargent inspects there uniforms and every thing it will do go to the refectory for breakfast and then at 630oo be ready for to meet at the parade ground yes sir thank you sir your so great sir go now you worthless snifferling dogs you thank you sir said dealer and Chelsea ,soon breakfast was over I say dealer old chum wasn’t breakers simpley devine and scrummy yummy oh I like that in ones tummy oh yes toppo siffing old bean champion  and time to meet sargent big balls on the parade ground as dealer says to Chelsea I say old bean why does sargent balls who we have to hang around with have to make that bellowing noice just like a fog horn I know old thing and his face is like a big strawberry .what out heis he .stand to attention today youll be riding dobbin and muffin I say said Chelsea is that a chap or a cake scrummy yummy ,no barked the sargent its a hourse oh I say its an old filly whatto get on you pair but sir they say how theres no stares to help to get on the beast or does it go down like a camel get your legsin the sturup and get your leg over you pair of dogs I say sir said dealer I haven’t got one s leg over in younksand Chelsea said oh sarge id never thought youd never ask for me to get my leg over x I say sarge your fase its so red get on with it yes sarge .imagePTDC0444PTDC0004

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