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and nows its time for a fanticy story and agent dealer and Chelsea go to the armey on mr platforms instrutions for the week to learn how to be more part of the 69 secret servise dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 31, 2015

PTDC0448PTDC0444good morning mr platform whatto watto  he likes sticking the boot in good morning gentall men to dealer and Chelsea im going to send you on assiment to the army for further training youll be payed well provided you don’t lose or break anything is that under stood we at m69 like it dandy and fine as a knock on the door come in oh good its you sargent major balls ive been exspecting you my staff are waiting for there training ive given then guide lines which they assure me they will ahear to okay good bye gentall men see you in a weeks time with a full deatailed report good bye sir as they all leave ,so you pair were oft to the barrocks at ive a biggern .well sir as you come to mension it I say old bean does that weigh a lot having that big cannon in the frount of your armey uniform sir I say you have some frount and balls to carry your equipment around with you does it need a lot of cleaning sir said mr Chelsea so sargent balls said in the army your all ways prepaired in advance to be able to pull your cannon out to get ready to fire any where ,I see sir thank you sir said mr dealer ,that’s enough you pair silence you will speak when addressed is that understood to the letter sir thay both repied we are looking forward to our posting with you sir balls .they soon arrive at the barrocks attention jump to it any questions yes sir may I say you have magnighicent balls here and I woulnt miss one of them you have in frount of you are we going to play with the footballs silence get your kit off now for medical inspection your in the army now and you will be given name rack and number and you will sulet me at all times and you address me as sargent balls yes sir but what if we make a balls up and get your name wrong said mr Chelsea then make sure you don’t or it will be a court marchell or the glass house oh I see sir like the one at crystal palace balls sargent sir get that kit off now on the double so mr Chelsea said to mr dealer oh I do wish he would shout hes given me one of my heads again you haven’t got any yeast vite or phencics 0n you hold old been one has how simpley spiffing old chum oh thanks all fully old friute .as they go into the medical room in just there pants as themedicall officer comes in doctor coffin  stand at ease gents as the medical officer inspects them so gents bend over dealer do you take drugs or have you ever been a praticing homosexall well sir I don’t need to pratise im perfect as docor coffing writes on his clip pad and turns to Chelsea what about you do you pratise no sir I haven’t got time theyed passed march them out sargent balls right sir as they leave the doctor as the sargent balls in spects there boots why you horrible sad excuse for men you Chelsea 6902 when was thses boots cleaned there are a disscrase as the sargent balls thows them at mr Chelsea well ?well its like this when thay get too dirty I just go out and buy a new pair sargent balls after all I come from Chelsea you cant exspect one to do somethink like cleaning boots now please really well you will clean them here you sad exsuse of a man but what with sir with polish and spit oh yuck sounds possitivley common said mr Chelsea how frightfull said mr dealer stand up straight shoulders back now said sargent balls head up yes front as he looks down at them whats that on your pants dealer 6901 what do you mean sir you have hot dog on your pants said sargent balls yes sir that’s right hello hello whats this I say sarge as he ribs his pants down as a pair of socks fall out on the floor as the sargent said your a disgrace why are thay there you dog well sir I like to keep them aired sir now you Chelsea lets see as he laughed out load till he was nearky blue in the face whats this mummys little soildier with pink rose buds on his pants as sargent balls said well she got that right little being the operative word hu now then you rabble im going to lick you pair into shape now theres a uniform put it on jump tp it now yes sir as mr dealer says are you okay sir your rather red in the face old thing get on with it yes sir  I say sir these uniforms are a snug fit aren’t they dealer old chap rather appsolutely topping jolly good show get ready to stand by your beds now as they look around the rows of bunks private cum cum with show you how to make your bed up for kit inspection in the morning at 530am private cummcummstand to attention yes sir show this pair what to do yes sir lights out in 3 mins good night thank you sargent balls  end of part oneimage

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