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and nows its time for the last part of the story as private dealer and Chelsea go joustingon horse back talk about horseyhorsey dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 31, 2015

imageimageSo lets return to the army camp as we left private s dealer and Chelsea on the horses sargeballs one cant get this old filly started said dealer I say I thought it was just me old fruite how does one start the old nags theres no engishion or any key sir ?just slap it ass said sargent balls slap it but what with sarge its stuck in neuterall old thing I say Chelsea what if we said chocks away okay dealer old chummy lets try oh do its a totally spiffing idear chocks away no sarge still stuck oh what a triffel boar as the sargent bounds across what is it with you useless pair of baffoons  I say sarge old thing that’s a bit strong don’t you think simpley not cricket said Chelsea as the sargent stands behind muffin as the horse started to pee as it goes all over the sergeants bootand all over him oh I say sarge jolly bad show .as mr chelesa said I didn’t know you was into golden showers as it looks you made a right old balls up whatto lets go as sargent balls slapps muffin and dobbin as hard as he can as dobbin goes he blows oft in the sergeants face as he coughs and sputters I say Chelsea old bean look at the sergeants neck its like birminghams speggetty junction I say dealer old bean your right chocks away as they fly down the parade ground at full throttle Chelsea wheres the brakes were going to crash woo filly old bean I do belive old thing there slowing down I dare say your right bang on the money as the horses nay loudly as sargent major balls with tears in his eyes opens a bottle of vallium I say balls old bean sweetys oh golly goody can I have one no there all mine I say sir whats thoughs yummy strawberry and roses over there can I pick one no you cant there wild ones and thay get annoyed  if they get tochednow then stay still don’t move one inch yes sir im going to bring you some lances oh I say they both say ive never met any one called lance before toppo as the sargent major goes to let out private cumm cumm as they both come back with the lances oh I say sir whats them old stick thingys ?lance idiots give them one each cumm cumm yes sarge as they take the lances but sir said dealer does the army still use these but we cant use them why not there no scarf to tie on them you don’t need that said sargent balls oh wait a minute said cumm cumm ive got a couple pairs if my frillys you can tie on them oh I say what a absolute corker of an idear cumm cumm ive got blue or red baggsey the red said dealer goes with my dealer boots I say your right said Chelsea ill have the blue goes with the sergeants eyes mind you there bulgine and red at the moment ,I know said cumm cumm hes so sexy when hes all aterfull and made such a wild thing he makes my heart sing,hold the lances straight and you Chelsea come to this end of the parade ground and try and charge him yes sarge one slight problem how much shall I charge dealer old chum?get on with it you stupid idiot as he slapps muffins ass charge oh spot on I ve knocked old Chelsea off his filly as he ride s up and says you okay olde been as sargent balls says that’s enough for to day take the horses back cumm cum,m feed and take the take to the tack room yes sir then go to the refectory for your dinner .thank you sir I say sir can we go out in the town yes permission granted but how do we get in and out good question said sargent balls come with me see this plate by the gate undo your shirt get you tit out and put it on the glassoh I say sir how enginious way of doing things oh sir its so cold oh yes the gates opening said dealer no get your dinner on the double march lips up go thank you sir see you in the morning ,imageimagePTDC0444after  a few gins and tonics dealerand Chelsea return to the barrocks from thevillage tavern a little squiffy I say old been hows does one get back in to this place I know said mr Chelsea undo your shirt and put ones nipple on the panel by the main gate oh I say your right by George that’s cold now you Chelsea oh jolly good show the blighters opening cleaver old you as the gard dogs start to bark the perimeter lights come on quick run for it as they get into the hut and fall on there beds asleep before long its 5oo hours as the old cock crows the dawn corus wakey wakey get up you lazy lot of raperbates and worthless cad bounders and baggorvones 50 press up now you 3 dogs yes sir when fineshed get this mess cleaned up for kit inspection in 3 mins yes sarge 3 mins goes by as the sarge comes into to inspect whats this as he kicks all the stuff over the floor do it again you dogs yes sir I want to see your ugley faces in thous boots the floor get on with it in 2 mins flat oh I say what a totally beastly thing to do simpley a bad show all around dealer don’t you think yes I do what a little pigglets hes been this morning as the sarge comes back get out of here go to breaklfast now then as its your last day here its artery oh I like darts will bully be there you cant beat a bit of bully and sir do we get a bully tankerd each and play on bullys prize board for some prizes get out of here get out said sargent balls I say dealer old been this grub is like the taste of ammbosia simpley devine I know it is simpley spiffing old chummy .as they leave the refectory quick hes going red again heres your bows and arrows now pull the bow string back and put arrow in it and fire you first dealer okay sir as the arrow hits the bull eye now you Chelsea oh bad show you only got a 20 on the outer rim right you manky pair to to cannon I want it spick and span your going to fire the cannon got it yes sir whats that greay bulding over there sir its the sergeants mess said sargent balls by the karsey heres some cleaning cloths thank you sir oh this is so hard you would of thought theyd have a bit of brasso or winderleen now woulnt you dealer ive got some zippy fire lighters to put on the fuse ready got it cleaned yes sir right its time for some fireing pratice load the cannondealer yes sir light the fuse as dealer puts on the fire lighter as he strickes the match did you take the stopper out of the end Chelsea what stopper oh that one with made in England on it sorry sir it was stuck so still in there all of a sudden there was this mighty bank as the cannonexspodes and the ball heads to wards the mess and kasrsey and blows them to pieses with flames every where I say dealer old been you have scored a sixer well done jolly good show watto  as toilets go up in the air one with cumm cumm on it as he says in a load voice oh sarge I knew I shoulnt of eat that vindaloo last night for tea you stuid in conperdent inberseals what have you done well sir you said it was the mess weve just tided it up for you and I hope your not cacsed any in conveniace at least you got your own personal cannon to use and now you got high leavel flushes in stead of low leavel ones oh I say I prefer a high leael flush with the chain on it  get off the barrocks now mr platform will be hearing about this your a disscrace to human kind sorry sir lets go dealer by cumm cumm THE END SLAINimageimageimageimagePTDC0444PTDC0448

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