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as you know its 410 years on this day back in 1606 when guy fawkes and thomasand robertwintor was hung at the tower of London on the 31st of January 1606

January 31, 2015
How men dressed in 1605as you can see this pic appeared on the film I took while I took some pics of Hampton court

How men dressed in 1605as you can see this pic appeared on the film I took while I took some pics of Hampton court

An old soldier

An old soldier

Guy Fawkes at the Tower of London the return of guy Fawkes from 1606

Guy Fawkes at the Tower of London the return of guy Fawkes from 1606

so lets look at guy fawkes who was he ?well theres been many accounts of how guy fawkes died one account said that he managed to escape but broke his neck in doing so ,and then with the others hung after hed already died and then before theyparaded around the streets on a horse and cart and as the others was hung until thay lost concerness and then cut down and put on the cart as well ,as you know I have visted the tower of London 4 times now and on 3 of thous occations I have seen guys fawkes ghost one thing I will say for him he has a very nice smile and with his deep yourshire accent I suppose if you think about it lodgically a ghost of a person is when they die they come back in that form so when guy fawkes broke his neck after falling of fthe tower it would make sence that he would be as he was on earth in his body as for Thomas and his brother Robert they would come back headless as when I saw the headless horseman with ted back in the 1980s and then in 1992on that dark road in old cressing village ,as for guy fawkes he was a very pround who belived in his god of very masculine appearance about 6ft tall with longish face with reddish brown beardwith large hands he was loyall and an aires born aprill 13th 1570 and beenig young was hot headed and impatient he was a quick learner and rose through the ranks about exsplovives that why he was crustiall to the gun powder plot he was born in York in northan England and went to school in the town in shadow of the church of saint martinbelfre where guy fawkes was baptised as a prosident  his father Edward died suddenly when guy was 8years old and his mother edith a catholic remarried and guy fawkes converted to the catholic faith in the 1590swhen he left England for flanders  and he changed his name to guido fawkes when he served in the Spanish army in his early years guy attnted the saint peters school York where he would meet jack and christoper kit wright where in the futer he ould meet them again as part of the gun powder plot guy fawkes was courageous cheerfull devout in his mannor he also was head boy at his school and there are referances today in York to him and theres even an isle named after him and every year on November the 5th firwork night the cellers are searched on November the 5th as for the others thay have been forgotton but guy fawkes lives on it was said at the time in 1606 that theres soal s would never rest that they was condemded to stay beween heaven and earth ,as guy walks the tower so hes back in a way its taken him all these years to show himself and one thing I shall never forget is his cheeky smile men heres some pictures I took of guy fawkes you can read my meeting with him and it looks like there s a link between us and it seems for many years there has been .imagePTDC0456PTDC0174PTDC0441imageimageimage

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