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the vist to whipps cross in northan London via Islington the county town dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 31, 2015

ptdc0496ptdc0010ptdc0009ptdc0010ptdc0008ptdc0007ptdc0005ptdc0004ptdc0003on a cold wintery day I set forth to go to the county town of Islington which nessels between kings cross and dalston in the northeastern part of the city of London as I was glad to get away from the inderpendent state of bethnall boring green so as I waited for the number 56 bus to come along in Essex road as it came into the bus stop I got on and after 45mins the bus went passed dalston and hackney and passed miss libbys queendom of upper Clapton where she and her girls rule the area after a while we was in the long road leigh bridge road and then it was offt into the wilds and the bus finally reached its desternation at whipps cross round about as it started to rain whipps cross  is near the forest theres a big roundabout and a big hospital and loads of woods theres has been roomers for a long time about people doing naughty things in the woods but I didn’t see only heard  nothing but only a ruberling in the woods  theres a few little shops then it merges into leyton e11 whipps cross is e18as for the men no ft no comment so then I got on another bus by chance was going to the big market town e17 walthamstoe it was getting late and walthamstoe is allways busy pics coming soon next time part 3 of the story about dealerand Chelsea as they go to the army a right pair of well heeled old boots and then its the final 3 closing storys as my time is nearly up in more ways than one so until then so this is what has come on the set of whipps cross pics who is this knight of olde in the woods ? I know it was getting dark its all ways rumerd that dogging goes on in the woods but I didn’t see anything of that nature and at the time it was too late to vencher very far rest of pics later

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