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as you know the general election looms on us again so lets have some canversing ads did you know once upon a time to be able to have a vote you had to be a man with a fireplace in ones house and the offisialls at the time would come and check to made sure one you was a sertified man and you had a fire place dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 1, 2015

imageimagePTDC0175DSCF2242DSCF1101DSCF2250DSCF2249DSCF2237AS you know soon it will be polling day in our democratic republic of banglour green according to the council in there words .but our pollitishions really in touch with what goes on from there world ?so lets have a light hearted look at them but first what do I want from the pollitions to get my vote well I would want to see some sort of capitall punishment brought back and a much harder stance on emergration a better control on it .perhaps I should come and work for them I would stand no nonsance if you cant stay then you would be sent away to where you came from as for theses council like here that seem to of dissociated there selfs from the rest of England then this would be stop with admeadiate effect London should remain as one city with Croydon given city status as for bethnall green theres too much of an imballace here its like living in a forien land all shops should be a good mixture of shops which caters for every one like wood green and most of all the law should be there for every one and not by the council to say like in my case oh you and the homosexuals don’t have the police protection there having a laugh and its a shame that this government have not delt with this under there noses the mare of tower hamlets talks about social cohesion what a load of  crap so how come gays are terrorised and I cant wear with what I want wake up smell the coffee .heres some lets go to Braintree and as we go with the two labour party canadates as they see the woman haning out her draws on the washing line in bartavenue .I say olde girl what cleanish washing you have so who will you be voting for us and what powder does one use ?hello darling your a tasty couple of geezers aint you as she wipes her snought on her sleeve well mate I allway use sdp powder but we could offer one 2 boxes of its new labour with new labour you get more washes for your money and its makes ones washing clean and bright and it reamooves all types of staines like stale odor so she says what about bogeys geezer ?have a think about it don’t for get with new labour we want to wash the grime out of the uk today PTDC0438

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