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and nows its time and the day I met teds friend paul from the book of pauls I have known as we go back to the Tottenham n17 years on teds last ever vist to mount pleasant road there so ready lets return to 1996dynnargh welcolm falite croeso

February 3, 2015

OHwhat is it about a man called paul and of all teds mates he was the most tesing of my patent and the cheeky whippersnapper .I was just staring the dinner macorini cheese I allways make my own when there was a knock at the door down staires just as I had the water on the stove boiling nicely as off came the pan off the electric plate and making sure my pussy was on the bed I went down to see whom it be as I answerd the door it was ted and he didn’t look very well with a hunky skin boy you know with shaven head and bovver boots but they don’t wear cordoroys thou any way can we come in this is as ted started  to say don’t tell me ted let me quess its a paul he looks like a paul I bet you a pound to a SHILLING IT IS A PAUL AM I RIGHT ?ARE YOU A PAUL YEA MATE NICE ONE MATE HE SAID AS HE JUST LIKE TALKING TO MY BOOBS WHY DO MEN DO THAT YOU CAN VERY RAIRLEY GET EYE TO EYE CONTACT WITH THEM ANY WAY THEY CAME UP STARES OH NICE ONE GOT SOME GRUB ON THE GO THEN ILL HAVE A BIG PORSION IM RAVEN ENOUS SO HE SAID NICE TO KNOW THATS WHERE YOUR PLACE IS BY THE COOKER THATS WHY MEN HAVE BIG FEET AND YOU BIRDS HAVE SMALL ONES SO YOU CAN STAND CLOSER TO THE COOKER HOW LONG WILL THE GRUB BE SO I SAID YOU SEEM TO ASSUME A LOT WHAT YOU MEAN PAUL SAID I SEE IT THIS WAY YOUR COOKING IM STARVING AND I DONT SEE ANY PROBLEM YOUR COOKING ANY WAY A FEW BIT MORE WONT HURT YOU COM ON BABES YOU WANNA PLEASE ME AND IF YOUR GOOD ILL SHOW YOU WHAT A SKIN BOY BOOTED GEEZER LIKE ME CAN SHOW YOU WHATS ITS ALL ABOUT AFTER ALL IN THAT SHORT SKIRT YOUR ASKING FOR IT ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY PAUL SAID TED A WORD WHERE DID YOU GET HIM FROM ?WEVE BEEN MATES A LONG TIME FANCY I SAID WHY DONT YOU LIKE HIM I THOUGHT HED BE WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR SAID TED NOW LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY TED HES RUDE AND PIGGISH AND WHATS THAT IN DENTAION ON HIS WEDDING FINGER I HAVENT NOTICED REALLY TED NOW WHY DONT THAT SUPPRISE ME HE CAN HAVE DINNER AS I WAS COOKING AWAY BUT HE HAS A REALLY BAD ATTUTED PROBLEM SO PAUL CAME INTO THE KITCHEN AND SAID GOT ANY TEA ?WILL A BEAKER DO ?CAN I HAVE A SAUCER AS WELL WHY PAUL DO YOU EAT THEM OR SOMETHING WOULD YOU LIKE SUGAR WITH IT ?NA HE SAID I NEVER DRINK OUT OF A CUP DONT KNOWS WHOS GOBS HAVE BEEN THERE YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ?ENLIGHTEN ME PAUL ON SECOND THOUGHTS SCRATCH THAT AS I MADE THE TED TEDD TOOK IT INTO THE LOUNGE AND I CONTINED TO MAKE THE DINNER ,ALL OF A SUDDEN I HERD TIS TERRIBLE SLUPPING NOICE AS I WENT INTO THE LIVING ROOM AS PAUL WAS HOLING THE SAUCER IN HIS HANDS SLURPING AWAY WHEN DINNER BITCH OR IF YOU GOT TIME WE CAN GET DOWN TO IT AFTER ALL MY MISSES DONT UNDERSTAND ME NOW WE GOT 3 KIDS AND I AINT GETTING NOTHING AT HOME AND SHE DONT UNDERSTAND ME SO I SAID WELL HOW DO YOU ESPECT ME TO UNDERSTAND YOU EITHER AND THEN HE SAID WELL THE BOYFRIEND TOOS BUSY SO I SAID WHAT YOU HAVING A RECURTMENT CAMPAINE OR SOMETHING I WAS YOU ID STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW THE SHOCK MIGHT KILL YOU AT YOUR TIME OF LIFE PAUL IM SORRY YOUR MARRIED I DONT GO WITH MARRIED MEN ITS NOT ON THE CARDS BETWEEN YOU AND I YOU GOT CLASS NO FUTER AND I GO GO OUT WITH SKIN BOYS WITH NO CLASS AND NOT ONLY THAT THERES LOTS OF THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE BUT YOU JUST AINT ONE OF THEM YOU MIGHT BE GOOD LOOKING BUT FRANKLEY DARLING YOUR TOO MUCH OF A TOTALL PIG AS I WENT TO  DISH THE DINNER TED COME HERE NOW TAKE HIM HIS DINNER AS WE ALL SAT DOWN AFTER WARD PAUL SAID WELL IF YOU FANCY A QUICKY AND YOUR GOOD I COULD COME AND MOOVE IN AND THEN YOU GET PLENTY OF MY OATS RIGHT THAT DOES IT PAUL LEAVE NOW TED TAKE HIM WHERES YOU GOT HIM AND STILL THE BUGGER SAID IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND HERES ME NUMBER MEN I ASKPTDC0437 YOU but little did I realise that it would be the last time that ted would call as the next time I saw him in his home in his bed and then when I visted his house again that he would be dead and gone but he was a kind man who allways saw the best in a person and would all help any one and befriend  them if they was a reperbate or not the last ime was that day at severn sisters and on the stares at wood green as he was when he was alive even though he was dead but he was many older than I was but he lead a full ative fulling life while he was alive and had many many friends of every walk of life but some of them who didn’t get a mension on here like one who was called the troll doll look alike by one of teds assoites these others like the pauls he knew was proberly the best of the lot but ted said on many occation when he came back to London they was the lonelist days of his life back in the smoky city but he had only one love and that was for Islington where he spent the best days of his life after leaving exiter when he was a young man in 1950s Britain  next time it the closing storys so until then

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