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the vist to hamptoncourt palace in Hamptonomg theres ghosts afterall at Hampton and theres guy fawkes on this film as well near London on a cold February day but didn’t I see one ghost dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 3, 2015

ptdc0321 ptdc0322 ptdc0323 ptdc0324 ptdc0325 ptdc0326 ptdc0327 ptdc0328 ptdc0329 ptdc0330 ptdc0331 ptdc0332 ptdc0333 ptdc0334ptdc0333 ptdc0334 ptdc0335 ptdc0336 ptdc0337 ptdc0338 ptdc0339 ptdc0340 ptdc0341 ptdc0342 ptdc0343 ptdc0344 ptdc0345 ptdc0346 ptdc0347 ptdc0348 ptdc0349 ptdc0350 ptdc0351 ptdc0352ptdc0345 ptdc0346 ptdc0347 ptdc0348 ptdc0349 ptdc0350 ptdc0351 ptdc0352 ptdc0353 ptdc0354 ptdc0355 ptdc0356 ptdc0357 ptdc0358 ptdc0359 ptdc0360 ptdc0361 ptdc0362ptdc0363ptdc0485 ptdc0483 ptdc0484 ptdc0485 ptdc0486 ptdc0487 ptdc0488 ptdc0489 ptdc0490 ptdc0493 ptdc0496 About 8 years ago now I went by the palace but it was the night of a terrible thunder storm so I dint go to vist so any way over the years id thought id return on this snowy day .so I cought the tube from our little village and changed at oxford circus on the red centrall line and then I went on the brown one the Bakerloo line to warta loo ,and yjen went on plat form two on the southwestern trains its about 45 mins to get there as we chugged out the station and arrived at the first station vaxhall as the train got up a head of steam as it left the station I looked out of one of the winders and do you know they taken away one of batterseas power stations chinnmeys nows theres only 3 instead of the 4 ,then we came into the big station carring cross in southern London the train also visted Wimbledon and then we went all posh and the train stopped at surberton you know where Tom Margo JErry and Barbra made that tv seris the good life and a place called thames dition plus numinous other station as one looked out the winders they had a lot of snow there there was some snowman in the parks evenchally we arrived at our desternation of Hampton court ,its in zone 6 theres a frequent train servise by the 3rd rail not the wires over head like you get in the eastern part of London .so one disembarked in the station like all the station along the line I was supprised to see thay all have toilets I coulnt belive it they had a café and a shop at the station ,hapton court is a large town bigger than banglour green ,and its in the county of surrey so you know the guys there are going to be well educated with breeding of the highest quality sort of avareage hight roughly about 5 ft 9 .the town its self comprises of all the well know shops and pubs its a very busy town  by the river thames the Hampton court palace its self is about one mile from the station traverling  turning right out of the station they don’t mind you taking pics in there and out side the enterance is one of the royall staff on the gate the ticket office is about 5oo yards on the right hand side theres also the first of the shops which hosts many things to buy from periodicals and various gifts which the shop is adorned with the last time for purchaseing a ticket is 330 pm the palace shuts at 430pm and cost per adult£ 16.50 from the ticket office one travels in a northanlly direction to the main part of the building where the royall ladies ask you to produce your ticket and search your old bag if you take one ,then your free to take a walk around at your leasiure  the first building is henry the 8th kitchen ENDof part one ive just got these pics back from boots I cant belive it theres ghosts after all at Hampton court and whos the knight ?

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