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the vist to the british museum in western London part of Camden council area dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 3, 2015

ptdc0172ptdc0184 ptdc0185 ptdc0186 ptdc0187 ptdc0188 ptdc0189 ptdc0190ptdc0159 ptdc0160 ptdc0161 ptdc0162 ptdc0163 ptdc0164 ptdc0165 ptdc0166 ptdc0167 ptdc0168ptdc0171the british museum nessles near Holborn tube station ,its a bout 7oo yards as the crow flys in this very busy part of London its like a roman type building full of things to see from the Vikings around 900 ad and the Saxons from 700 ad and celtic Britain and not forgetting Julie and Claudia the first sling back wearers that invaded our shores back in ad60 no menstion of poor boudica one thou there have lots of sparkerly jewlery and I even manage to capter a man as you know the white single male became exstined here cos the mixed rase African girls got them all, any way theres lots to see here with many attifacts from various periods in time and theres a great selection of grandfather clocks as well as some clocks from the 1950s and theres staff to help you theres lots of shops and cafes and its free to get in but its a five pound donation its a very vast building the next station along is covert garden in this exclusive part of London pics coming soon .DSCF2943

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