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Hampton court the vist part three as I look around the great palace henrys the 8th home for many years the palace has not been lived in by the modern royalls family dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 5, 2015

the palace has gone through many make overs it be said that worsley the cardinall also made changes to once was an monor house that stood there and over the years it as we see it today as it sits in vast grounds in the surrey contreyside  thetre are vast gardens which wasn’t open when I vistited theres a mout and the river thames passes by the side of the palace the staff are very friendly and theres a couple of sexy guys with beards how fit they are very nice ptdc0416 ptdc0417 ptdc0418 ptdc0419 ptdc0420 ptdc0421 ptdc0422 ptdc0423 ptdc0424 ptdc0425ptdc0424 ptdc0425 ptdc0426 ptdc0427 ptdc0428 ptdc0429 ptdc0430 ptdc0431 ptdc0432

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