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the vist to Hampton court palace part two dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 5, 2015

ptdc0372 ptdc0373 ptdc0374 ptdc0375 ptdc0376 ptdc0377 ptdc0378 ptdc0379 ptdc0380 ptdc0381 ptdc0382 ptdc0383ptdc0399 ptdc0400 ptdc0401 ptdc0402 ptdc0403 ptdc0404 ptdc0405ptdc0406 ptdc0407 ptdc0408 ptdc0409 ptdc0410 ptdc0411 ptdc0412 ptdc0413 ptdc0414 ptdc0415 ptdc0416As one can see henry the 8th had vast kitchens with lots of staff to get the meals ready for the various bankquits that he had for dignarenterys and special guests if they called you can ammagine the frency and hot it was to prepair such feests espectially in the hot summer monthes of the 1500s he also had a vast wine celler as well as the ghosts in the palace over the years of his time there

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