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the meeting wiv pauland his skinhead crew of westham football supporters from the tottenham years in the year 1995

February 7, 2015

imageimageAS the boys go for the train to Liverpool street not only did I have to lug home all the shopping I had pauls big bovver boots to carry home as well ,wheres the men when you want one tyipall any way evanchally I got up the stares and opened the door as I started to put the shopping away thinking now where did I put that check skirt the phone rang with this slurred voice on the other end it was paul its me he said so I said I thought you was at the match hows it going you winning ?na bleeding di.k head paul f didn’t bring any notes oh I dint know you that you wanted a coulpe of singers I said na you silly bitch folding ones a couple of scores so we didn’t go so we goina meet at mine say about an hour bring some pies meat tattator  ones cheers well ave a piss up lucky for him the prevous day id made some pies the day before so with a mad ruch id put the shopping away found my out fit towear got the pies in there air tight tin and off I went after giving my pussy some milk as he went back on the white fake fur sheeps skin mat then it was off to bruce grove station again .as there they was a bit worce for wear as they came bouding out the station allright they said as they squeezed by bum fancy a bit of that as paul said you anit got me boots on bitch when we get in well put them on for you got the pies yea paul your lucky id had some I already made from the day before as we got to pauls place he lifted me off my feet and put me over his manley shoulders as I felt his manley strong arms around me as I could smell a mixture of beer and cigs on him as he put me on the chair ,now then bitch lets get them boots on your feet as they took me shoes off and put his boots on as he said yea fu.king ace as the other pauls stood with the cans in there hands as paul put sham 69 on as they sang skinhead west ham  boys skinhead west ham boys lace up boots and we are the bovver boys and then they played the two tone and playfought with each other as the night went on they two of the pauls got into a fight with bovverboots every where as they put the boot in to each other as evanchally the stopped as I had to clean one of the pauls up by putting proxide on his cut s and then it was time fior the skinhead moon stomp dance where yiou all get into a circle and put your hands around each other as you go in and out with the putting of the boots as you kick your boot in the air but pauls was a bit big for me as the pies was eat and the records played thje clash selector god save the queen and sid visious group and the cock sparer and the four skins as they drank and danced the night away evaentally they feel in a heep on the floor with cig butts and cans on the floor as day light started to come through the window I managed to get pauls boots off as he was asleep in the chair tidy up most of the cans in a black bin bag and put his boots on his chest with a kiss on his shaven head as I left and went on my way back home as I thought they were a great bunch of guys so sexy in there bovverboots and shaven head s  a couple of days went by when paul was in the town again he said ace party wernt it as another skin walked by as paul said what you bleeding on my manor c.nt so I said don’t you like him na hes a plastic queer one .what you mean well to be a sjkin you have to have it in yer blood not just wear your boots just at part time like all the time .im off now theres the old rossers in there panda moter as he chased the other plastic skin away give you a bell sometime he said cheers then catch yer later .DSCF1199DSCF1196DSCF1198DSCF1191DSCF1194DSCF1198DSCF1202DSCF1202

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